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Mar 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
republican presidential candidates are drumming up votes in wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary. mitt romney is heeding the pack as he picks the numb -- leading the pack as he picks the number of high profile endorsements. >> reporter: add influential and conservative paul ryan. >> what we need is mitt romney to be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: ryan's support could help romney beyond wisconsin which holds its primary with d.c. and maryland tuesday. he turned up the heat on romney's rivals to step aside. >> i think we're entering a phase where it could become counterproductive if this drags on much longer. so that's why i think we need to coalesce as conservatives around mitt romney and focus on the big dark at hand. >> reporter: the latest marist poll has romney leading santorum by seven points. roll film has more than half the 1,100 -- romney has more than half the 1,144 delegates needed for the nomination double that of santorum. >> we need someone who can talk and relate to them, who maybe doesn't talk about, you know, being the ceo of a company and having, you
Mar 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
and a statistical dead heat between the front runners, mitt romney and rick santorum. well, we'll keep an eye on it as well as tom fitzgerald in the next half hour down in the newsroom with the latest. >> what a night. when you consider mitt romney is fighting to be the republican nominee, at this point mitt romney has still not won a primary in a southern state for the republicans. tonight he hoped to do that in tennessee. rick santorum instead ensured that will not happen and as you saw just now with ohio still in flux here, romney is under pressure to win the buckeye state or face a whole new round of questions about how strong a nominee he would be for this party. let's look at some of the other numbers starting with our race in virginia tonight. mitt romney winning in a two- man race 59% to ron paul's 41%. remember, the other candidates were not on the ballots tonight in virginia. moving over to tennessee, that was a big win for rick santorum. romney really wanted this one. rick santorum is ahead tonight 38% over mitt romney, a big win for rick santorum, keeps his momentum
Mar 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
mitt romney and ron paul are on the ballot and georgia where newt gingrich insists he has to win and the all important swing state of ohio, but as fox 5's karen gray houston explains even that state is a toss-up. >> reporter: it's often said for a glimpse into the way the political winds are blowing you don't need to look much further than ohio. with its demographic makeup of small towns, big cities, suburbs, it's in many ways a microcosm of america. >> you think of almost every voter group in the republican party, they're represented well here, social conservatives and tea partyism, kind of a tradition of moderate republicanism, business republicanism, so forth, it's all here. >> reporter: with its 66 delegates ohio is considered the biggest prize of super tuesday. though they don't readily admit it, for mitt romney and rick santorum locked in a fierce battle here, the outcome of ohio could make or break their campaigns. >> the people of ohio, you all know this is the biggest prize on super tuesday. >> i need your vote, get out and vote as many times as they let you. [ laughte
Mar 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
. there are three states now tonight under our belt and counting. >> when the dust settles. mitt romney won six and had more delegates than three combined. it is well short of the 1144 needed. and the percentage point over rick santorum energized. >> santorum isn't taking a bratter, telling supporters he is in it to win it. >> this is going to change again. and kansas can lead the charge. >> increasing the pressure on newt gingrich. dropped plans to campaign in kansas and focus on mississippi and alabama instead. >> senator santorum would play the washington game. i intent to change the washington game. >> santorum, gingrich fight in the hot is another indication of a battle for romney. >> i think they have to adjust to the reality that they are going to continue to lose states. >> texas also said that it is about collecting delegates. >> meanwhile, president oh ma'am obama turned up the heat. >> you and i both know there are no quick fixes. >> caucuses and primaries. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >>> a controversial abortion bill has gotten the governor's single. >> as of
Mar 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
romney says he is almost there. gives him a solid lead in the race with 3 300 more delegates than santorum. despite the gap, romney's contenders aren't giving up. >> you're not looking for something. looking for someone who writes what they believe in, in stone and stays true to what they say. >> you'll notice that pictures aren't permanent. there's nothing locked down. you can redo it any time you want. >> looking ahead, louisiana holds its primary on saturday. the latest polls show santorum leading with a few points behind. mayor vincent gray says it's time to consider major changes to the way political campaigns are funded. issues have been raised about a number of campaigns and a broad package of reforms may be appropriate. comments come as several elected officials have subpoenas into donations from prominent political donor. >>> a milestone marked today by the senior u.s. senator from maryland. laura evans everywhere at 11:00. >> barbra is the longest serving woman in the mystery of congress. republicans and democrats pause together to praise her on the senate floor. off
Mar 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
very, very much for your support. >> mitt romney had been hoping for a breakthrough in the south as polls show she losing support among evangelicals. now some analysts are saying that santorum is the conservative alternative to romney. we are watching two other races tonight, brian, in hawaii and where there are 17 delegates up for grabs and six more delegates in caucuses in american samoa. >> had which is where mitt romney wishes he was tonight. still ahead, more red light cameras could be headed to our area. find out where, up next. >>> open for business. realtors here in the d.c. metro area say the market is growing more and more active. i'm beth parker. i'll tell you what you need to know if you are going to buy or sell. >>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not...that... we'd ever brag about it... turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how did that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine 2012 iihs top safet
Mar 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >>> a developing story from the campaign trail this evening. mitt romney won the illinois republican presidential primary easily beating his closest challenger rick santorum in the key industrial state. romney carried a significant lead over his opponents. in his speech romney turned his attention away from his gop rivals going after the president. >> a president who doesn't hesitate to use all the means necessary to force through obamacare on the american public but leads from behind in the world. it's time to say these words, this word, enough. d, enough. we've had enough. we need someone who understands that the solution to the problem with almost 1/17 of the economy is not government control over that sector economy, but your control over that sector of the economy. >> neither newt gingrich nor ron paul campaigned much in illinois. >>> a world renowned architect is working on a design of a 4- acre tribute to world war ii war hero turned president dwight d. eisenhower, but his grand daughters are holding up the project because they want the memorial redesigned. fox's james rosen has this stor
Mar 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
tuesday nabbed him more than 30 delegates, but mitt romney's wins in hawaii and american samoa with his partial allocation of southern delegates brought him at least 40 keeping him ahead of the pack. >> this is ultimately a question about who can get the support of the republican party and independents to win the house. >> reporter: newt gingrich's second place finishes tuesday brought him dem gates, too. however, his campaign had knowing -- dell gates, too. however, his campaign had bank -- delegates, too. however, his campaign had banked on wins in the south and their delegate count. >> they'll still be behind mitt romney in the delegate count in tampa. >> reporter: the house speaker vowed to remain in the race. >> if you're the frontrunner and keep coming in third, you're not much of a frontrunner. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul is also back on the road today hitting illinois and missouri in the next couple days. there are four contests remaining in march marking the halfway point in the race for the nomination. party rules allow winner take all contests to begin in april
Mar 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the south and slow mitt romney's momentum. some polls show santorum with a slight lead. >>> a video of a bizarre fight at a howard county high school has gone viral and it's also led to assault charges. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom with details. >> believe it or not, the fight was between a man wearing a ski mask and a student who was identified as a football player. the whole thing was caught on tape and is now all over the internet. it happened wednesday outside long reach high in columbia, maryland. the masked man swung at the student but missed. the student then punched the guy out. the caption under the video posted online said assaulted for throwing a french fry. people who saw the fight or heard about it were stunned. >> everybody come the believe that he got knocked out, that he really was on the floor asleep. >> i just think that, you know, it happens at all schools, maybe not a guy showing up in a ski mask. >> really, but a dad going to fight a battle for his daughter and was it really her father? police filed charges against the girl who arranged that fig
Mar 1, 2012 11:00pm EST
who does not understand energy. >> reporter: and a stop in fargo north dakota mitt romney said president obama is responsible for problems at the pump because he's hatcherring u.s. energy production. >> when someone says -- hampering u.s. energy production. >> when someone says do you want to bring in a pipeline that's going to bring tens of thousands of jobs to bring in an oil line from canada, how could you say no, but did he? >> reporter: newt gingrich piled on the criticism saying gas prices could be lowered to $2.50 a gallon if his advice was followed. >> fire secretary chu, open the pipeline, open the gulf, open alaska of. >> reporter: meantime santorum says he's the conservative voters should listen to now. >> georgia would be a huge, huge state on election. >> reporter: georgia is expected to have a big impact on super tuesday not only because it has the most delegates up for grabs that day, but also because gingrich has said his homestate could make or break his campaign. in northwest jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >>> conservative blogger and strategist andrew breitba
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10